Don’t Let the Varsity Blues (Documentary) Get You Down

Like everyone else with a Netflix account (!), I watched the Varsity Blues documentary when it came out and – like many of my fellow viewers, especially those who work with college-bound students – it was with a mixed sense of wonder and horror. My horror was particularly aimed at what had transpired at several prominent institutions due to the machinations of Rick Singer, but I was also aghast at some of the commentary made by other higher educational professionals and at the general air of anxiety that pervaded the entire piece.

I’ll be the first to admit I understand that salacious headlines sell, but must we panic innocent families of normal financial means when it comes to the college admission process in order to do so?!

Opting to channel my frustration into something positive, I once more called upon my friend and mentor David Hawsey, current vice president for enrollment at Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana to discuss the documentary with me – and outline the realities and options available to those families who might see the film and fear that good, solid college help isn’t available to them at a price they can afford. (Spoiler alert: Good help IS available and normal families CAN afford it!)

Here’s our conversation:

Now, if you’ve seen the Netflix documentary and/or watched David and I recap it and feel you need help in your college search, you don’t have to call me specifically, but if you think I can help, please reach out (or simply pick up a copy of my book to guide you).

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