Applying to College After COVID

If you’re a senior in high school right now, you’re undoubtedly stressed about the college process. Sure you’ve probably submitted your applications and maybe even your mid-year grades if your colleges requested them of you. But now you’re also doing virtual (or maybe in-person) visits to campuses, doing interviews with alumni and admission officers, comparing financial aid packages, and generally worrying about what college will look like next year and where you want to go (which may – or may not – be influenced by the path COVID continues to take this winter and spring).

If you’re a junior in high school right now (or the parent of one), you’re probably downright panicked, having hoped that by now we would have a clear path in sight for the Class of 2022 and understand exactly what steps are needed to secure college admission next year.

I have good news and bad news for you:

The good news is that students will get admitted to colleges in 2022, just as they have in 2021.

The bad news is that the path is still far more winding than we’d like it to be.

All of this (and a bit more) is what I discussed on Monday night with my long time mentor and colleague, David Hawsey, current Vice President for Enrollment at Earlham College in Indiana. A 30-year veteran of the business of college admissions (at a variety of different institutions), David provided insight for families at various points of the search process and I was fortunate to go along for the conversational ride.

Interested in continuing the conversation as you begin (or complete) your college search? Contact me today or pick up a copy of my book to help guide you.

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