The Journey to (and Through!) Vet School

I love working in education because so often I meet a student at the beginning of their career journey and – if I’m lucky – I get to have a front row seat to watching where they end up. Dr. Brittney Stanton, DVM is one of those students I first met when she was a first year undergraduate student and have watched on her journey through vet school and various internships ever since. (That so much time has passed and she’s now a full-fledged DVM is something that boggles both of our minds!)

Last Monday, I was privileged to talk with Brittney about her journey on the road to becoming a veterinarian in the hope that we could share tips and information to help other future veterinarians on their paths.

Here’s our conversation:

My next live conversation isn’t yet scheduled (with the holiday on the horizon), but I’ll share that information on social media soon.

In the meantime, if you know of a student searching for college help (whether they want to become a veterinarian or not!), contact me or pick up a copy of my book.

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