You know what, readers?

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by a lot of things over the last week and a half and with it being the holiday season and a time for reflection and gratitude, I think the very best use of this week’s blog entry is to share those things that have brought a smile to my face when it comes to future college students and future collegiate equestrians.

In no particular order, I’ve been impressed by:

  • A member of the US Pony Club who takes their self-reliant teachings to heart and is responsible not only for caring for her own horses, but for hitching up the truck and trailer and transporting herself to events. (Also of note: she’s 16!)
  • A student who spoke out of turn in front of a coach, took instant responsibility for her actions and words, and apologized face to face.
  • Parents who acknowledged that they live in a very socially competitive part of the country but are entirely willing to support their daughter’s college search no matter where it leads as long as she finds the absolute right school for her.
  • A student who just missed being a National Merit Finalist and whose reaction was to express disappointment, then quickly move on confidently in her college search with renewed energy.
  • A recruitment video for an eventer that shows beautiful cross-country footage (up close and not blurry!) and demonstrates her attention to detail in her turnout as well as her wonderful training foundation.
  • A recruitment video for a dressage rider that highlighted her tactful hands, beautiful seat, and even showed her making a few mistakes and correcting them without marring the wonderful picture she and her horse make together.

Students and horses aren’t perfect and life is certainly nowhere near ideal much of the time, yet I’ve had so many positive experiences with students over the past couple of weeks that I’m feeling pretty darn upbeat heading into the holidays.

Here’s hoping you’re the same, readers!

(Need help finding your positivity in the college search? Contact me or pick up a copy of my book to guide you.)


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