A Visit to TCU

TCU’s Forth Worth campus has stunning views and the famed fountain is heavily featured in many of the university’s marketing materials.

The final stop on the 2017 “Magic in the Metroplex” college counselor tour of north Texas took us over to Fort Worth, home of the famed stockyards and Texas Christian University. (And what counselor bus tour would be complete without a drive through the stockyards and a fantastic Tex-Mex dinner at one of the local eateries to conclude our day?)

But back to the school tour:

As with its Dallas neighbor SMU, it’s worth noting for students leery of the word “Christian” in the middle of the university’s name that, despite its roots and ongoing relationship with the Disciples of Christ, the school has no religious or chapel requirements and, in fact, is home to students of more than 60 diverse faith groups, including those with Jewish and Muslim backgrounds. Moreover, this medium-sized university of just under 9,000 undergraduate students successfully manages to feel much more like a close-knit, welcoming campus community of a far smaller size and filled with students from all backgrounds and viewpoints. It’s a unique facet of the school but also one that makes it a great fit for a wide variety of applicants.

What’s more:

Business and nursing are two very popular programs on campus, as is the liberal arts college. (Looking for an obscure major? There’s also a ranch management program – the only one of its kind in the country.)

And during our time on campus, it was interesting to hear a variety of students in a variety of settings repeat over and over again that they never thought they would attend TCU when they initially applied – it was a back up or an afterthought, but not a top choice – until the moment they set foot on campus and discovered exactly what opportunities they would receive both in the classroom and in their extracurricular and campus life offerings. After that, they couldn’t see themselves attending any other school – and if anything is a testament to a school that’s able to provide an overall fit, that’s it in my book.

A little inspiration as you go up the library stairs.

Followers of NCEA equestrian programs are familiar with TCU, as it competes in Division I against schools like SMU, Georgia, South Carolina, and Baylor. The Horned Frogs equestrians are based at Turning Point Ranch in Springtown, Texas, approximately 40 minutes from campus, and have all the rights, privileges, and responsibilities of NCAA Division I athletes – which means required conditioning, academic study tables, and volunteer hours, plus full athletic department support. Riders who wish to be considered for the TCU team must also be sure to register with the NCAA Eligibility Center as part of their recruitment and application process.

Should you add TCU to your list of prospective colleges? Contact me and we can discuss – or pick up a copy of my book to guide your search!


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