Dear My 13 Year Old Self

While I prepare to attend the 2015 College Preparatory Invitational Horse Show this week, I’m going to share Amy’s thoughts with you, readers. She makes many wonderful points here and I encourage you to visit her blog to read the piece in its entirety:

An Open Opportunity

Being home and being at the barn are just two things that come in a packaged deal. It’s amazing to see all the riders at the barn make such improvements over the months I’m away at school. From new horses to no stirrups, everyone seems to be kicking it into high gear. Even though the show season really never stops, lots of people work hard all winter to gear up for the first shows of the season outside and eventually the summer shows! I love horse showing in the summer, getting an awful tan, and being able to ride from 7 am till 7 pm. Lots of the kids at the barn are at different stages. A couple college kids who’s horses are dispersed or at school, a couple of kids figuring out what college they can ride at, a few just enjoying their first real horse or still trying…

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