A Visit to Virginia Union

The 2014 CICV tour of Richmond, Virginia-area colleges and universities took us to a handful of well-known historically black colleges and universities and the first stop was at Virginia Union University, a small school that teaches its students to think big.

The chapel on Virginia Union's campus is stately and beautiful.
The chapel on Virginia Union’s campus is stately and beautiful.

(It’s also a school that knows how to welcome folks to campus in a big way – no one else greeted us with a full concert from their jazz ensemble.  It was fantastic!)

Majors at Virginia Union are separated into different schools – namely, the school of business, school of education, school of humanities and social sciences, and school of sciences, which houses the campus’ STEM programs (and is helmed by a female dean – ladies in science, take note!) Regardless of a student’s major or program, however, each one has a learning community within it to support students who may be struggling and there is also sophomore transitional support as students move from the freshman orientation level of learning and begin their journey toward being an upperclassmen.

VUU also has a proud athletic tradition.
VUU also has a proud athletic tradition.

Community is the central theme of every program and organization we were introduced to during our time at VUU and every student we encountered spoke of the family-like relationships they’ve formed with faculty, staff, and their fellow students.

Though there is no equestrian team or program, VUU does have an incredibly strong academic tradition and is located within close enough proximity to many parts of Virginia horse country that equestrians who think they might be interested in learning more shouldn’t shy away.

Is Virginia Union a school you should consider for your post-high school years?  Contact me and we’ll talk about it.  (Or pick up a copy of my book to begin your search independently.)


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