A Visit to Bethel College

After a whirlwind tour of the three Notre Dame, Indiana campuses, we counselors climbed back on the bus and made our way to Bethel College in Mishawaka.  (And wisely, they scheduled our information session first so the group could rest our weary feet for a bit before heading out on tour!)

The fountain is a central focal point in the middle of campus.
The fountain is a central focal point in the middle of campus.

Founded in 1947, Bethel is a small school of just under 2,000 students – but like so many of its small-town, small school counterparts, its graduates are spread far and wide and are doing great things.  In fact, Bethel currently boasts alumni living and working in 49 states (sorry, Vermont) and 35 different countries!  It’s also a school with a substantial focus on service as a part of its core values and its relationship with the Missionary Church, so students, as well as faculty and staff, place a high value on getting out into the community (both in Mishawaka and when they return to their hometowns) and applying the lessons they learn in the classroom into real life situations.

The sciences are strong in Bethel’s academic offerings and they house an on-campus cadaver lab that helps boost their placement rate to medical school to an impressive 92 percent.  Their proximity to (and relationship with) the University of Notre Dame also makes their three-two engineering program a wonderful option for students who wish to obtain a liberal arts foundation in their education before proceeding into a highly specialized field.  (At the conclusion of five years – three at Bethel and two at Notre Dame – the students graduate with two Bachelors degrees.)  And for the non-science oriented students, Bethel has a total of 60 degree programs (including some Masters degrees and online programming and are one of only four Christian colleges in the U.S. to have a four-year sign language interpretation program.  (In order to become fully certified, students must take both a written and practical examination.

Bethel's housing options are recently updated and have a cozy, modern flair.
Bethel’s housing options are recently updated and have a cozy, modern flair.

Equestrians who seek a small, liberal arts campus like Bethel that has a Christian focus and tradition (including required chapel three times per week) might be a little disappointed to learn that Bethel doesn’t boast an equestrian club or team on its roster of student organizations, but those who wish to participate in service might relish the opportunity to volunteer at a local horse rescue to help re-home horses in need of new placements.  There are also a variety of boarding farms in the local area for students to utilize if they choose to bring their own horses along with them.

Is the service learning atmosphere of Bethel a good fit for you?  Contact me and we’ll figure it out!



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