A Visit to Ferrum College

After nearly a decade of working in higher education in a recruiting capacity – and much of that near-decade spent standing behind a table at a college fair in a city far, far away from my own campus – I can give you a quite thorough rundown of colleges and universities whose names I bet you’ve never heard uttered before.  (I can also tell you where to find free wireless in many of the tiny towns that dot the central and eastern portions of Michigan, but that’s another story for another day.)

The stage was being set - literally! - for the college's centennial during our visit.
The stage was being set – literally! – for the college’s centennial during our visit.

So imagine my surprise when, upon studying the list of schools we would visit for the CICV campus tours and seeing a school name that was completely unfamiliar – and then further imagine my surprise when we actually arrived on the campus of Ferrum College and I found what tremendous opportunities they had to offer!

First and foremost, if you are an equestrian, don’t stop reading this post yet!  I spoke with several admission and athletic staff members during my time on campus and was informed that, after several years of not having any sort of organized equestrian sport on campus, the college was in talks with a handful of potential barns and trainers in the greater Ferrum area to reinstate equestrian for Ferrum students.  The athletic staff are quite enthusiastic about it, actually, so hopefully next fall the IHSA will add another new team to its impressive roster!

(Also of note – yes, Ferrum is both the location and the name of the college – it’s about an hour south of Roanoke.)

Iconic buildings and tree-lined walks make up Ferrum's lovely campus.
Iconic buildings and tree-lined walks make up Ferrum’s lovely campus.

It was a very exciting time to visit Ferrum while we were on campus, as this is the college’s centennial year, which meant that preparations for the big celebration to be held at Homecoming were well underway – including a big concert in front of the campus’s famed lake.  The students were all excited and the campus had a generally warm and welcoming feel, one that didn’t just come from traditional southern hospitality, but rather from a genuine enthusiasm for the school itself.

Of particular note for students interested in the health professions after graduation (a field that continues to grow annually), students in Ferrum’s health science courses use real human cadavers in their lab classes – a very unusual opportunity at a school of Ferrum’s size (right around 1,500 students and undergraduate only)!  The college gets two cadavers annually and uses them through the academic year before turning them back over for cremation and receiving new ones to use in the next year’s labs.

Students who love the outdoors should also consider Ferrum – the campus’s location in the Blue Ridge Mountains can’t be beat for backpacking, hiking, biking, and rock climbing.  (And if you’re more of an “indoor sport” person, their on-campus gym facilities are an approved YMCA and offer everything else you could possibly need to stay fit.)

Should Ferrum be on your list for consideration?  Contact me and we’ll find out!


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