A Visit to the University of Evansville

As our tour of southwestern Indiana campuses continued, our group, fearlessly led by the wonderful Mary Ellen from the Independent Colleges of Indiana (ICI) organization continued on to the University of Evansville, home of the Purple Aces and a wonderful set of academic programs.

The bookstore in the newly-renovated student center at the University of Evansville.
The bookstore in the newly-renovated student center at the University of Evansville.
With an undergraduate student population of around 2,500 and a small graduate population of only 200 or so, it’s no surprise to learn that U Evansville is actually the third smallest NCAA Division I school in the nation.  But one of the truly unique facets of the university is that their campus is made far larger – in fact, it’s made global – by the addition of their satellite campus in Grantham, England:  Harlaxton College.  That’s right – if you’re a student who doesn’t desire a small school for your college experience, don’t cross U Evansville off your list just yet.  They have two campuses on two separate continents!

The academic buildings are beautiful and inviting.
The academic buildings are beautiful and inviting.
It was a beautiful day to tour campus!
It was a beautiful day to tour campus!
Academically, U Evansville is billed as a liberal arts and sciences university and it also boasts several strong comprehensive programs, including a physical therapy program that spans six years and allows qualified students to finish with their doctorate in the discipline.  The sciences are a strong core of the curriculum and each student is required to take one math class in addition to a lab science course as a graduation requirement – but that sort of thing really should be expected from a university that has gained national recognition for their robotics teams, as well as for their victories in concrete canoe races.
Arts students need not fear that the university is too scientifically-oriented, however – U Evansville not only offers a BFA in creative writing, but they have a nationally-recognized theatre program.  (In fact, annually, the university sees 1,700 students audition for the mere 40 spots available for theatre majors.)  They also have a strong (and growing!) major in music therapy, as well as a noteworthy business program.
For equestrians, U Evansville unfortunately fields no IHSA or IDA teams; however, the city of Evansville is located in the midway point between Louisville, Kentucky and St. Louis, Missouri – both of which have fantastic equestrian opportunities available.  There are also wonderful rural parts of greater Evansville for horse boarding and local trainers would no doubt be willing to add new pupils to their rosters.  (It could also be a worthwhile undertaking to start up U Evansville’s very first equestrian team if you want a leadership role on campus right away!)
Could U Evansville be the right school for your undergraduate years?  Contact me and we’ll see!

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