A Visit to the University of Indianapolis

The second stop on our Independent Colleges of Indiana (ICI) bus tour was the University of Indianapolis, where I was pleased to find that, right in the heart of a major city resides a small, intimate campus community with some great (and growing!) programs and a lot of student support services available.

The University of Indianapolis campus is quite large but not overwhelming.
The University of Indianapolis campus is quite large but not overwhelming.

With only 5,000 students in total and 3,000 of them undergraduates, U Indy is by no means an imposing school.  About two thirds of the undergrads live on campus while the rest commute from the local area or live in off campus residences, but no matter where they live, students there have great opportunities within the city of Indianapolis itself for hands-on, real-world learning experiences.  The faculty and staff members who spoke to our group emphasized that the university’s location, level of student engagement, and diversity of experiences are what make it special and after touring the campus, it was hard to disagree.

U Indy also has some unique majors for students who seek a small campus environment (average class size is 19) and yet want to work in highly specialized or hard to find fields – such as archaeology or actuarial studies.  The nursing program has also recently expanded from an associate’s degree program into a full Bachelor degree program and the education program requirements continue to evolve to keep pace with changes in the field.  What’s more, for communication and broadcasting students – and even those interested in public relations, marketing, and advertising – great opportunities through the campus radio station and the communication department’s for-hire PR firm, Top Dog, are plentiful.

The University of Indianapolis mascot is the Greyhound.
The University of Indianapolis mascot is the Greyhound.

Campus life is also vibrant – and perks like free parking, free laundry, and a real Thanksgiving dinner each fall (complete with a full, stuffed turkey ready for carving placed at each dining hall table!) make living at U Indy an appealing prospect.  (In fact, if you’re a foodie, it’s worth noting that The Daily Beast has ranked U Indy’s food in the top 20 of colleges and universities nationally.)  But if you’re a health and fitness person, don’t despair that the rich food will tack on the dreaded Freshman 15 – the university has plenty of fitness options for you and also offers a certified healthy diploma option for students who take some optional health courses during their time there.

For equestrian students, it must be noted that U Indy does not currently compete in the IHSA or IDA but the campus’s proximity (30 minutes) to the very horse-populated towns of Carmel and Zionsville (home of the Traders Point Charity Horse Show) means that there’s no need to hang up your tack if U Indy turns out to be the right school for your academic goals.

So would a future as a University of Indianapolis Greyhound be the right choice for your college years?  Contact me and we can find out!


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