Denny’s points apply to schoolwork and your career aspirations too!

How Good Riders Get Good

There are those with so much innate riding talent “it would make the angels weep”, but if they are shirkers instead of workers, usually that talent goes to waste. Others with little talent struggle relentlessly for years, yet never achieve their dreams. So it`s pretty obvious that neither talent alone or work ethic alone are sufficient to propel a person to the top echelons of their chosen field.

But if I had to choose one—a supremely gifted rider with a modest work ethic, or a fanatically hard worker, possessed of moderate talent, I`d bet on the worker. Thomas Edison said that “genius is 1 per cent inspiration, 99 per cent perspiration.” Workers create talent, through relentless practice, where talent didn`t formerly exist.  Hang around any barn, and watch. There are those who could hustle, and get in another horse or two before lunch, but who have an amazing ability to…

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