Colorado College visit – a preview

Next Sunday, I’ll continue to rack up the frequent flyer miles (whee!) with a trip to Colorado.  While I’m there, I have a few appointments to keep – one of which is a visit to Colorado College in Colorado Springs.  It will be my first time there and I’m excited to check it out!

(And before you ask, YES, Colorado College has an equestrian team.  They are a student organization on campus and they compete in the IHSA hunt seat ranks against 10 other teams in their region.  They train at the MM Equestrian Center in nearby Fountain, Colorado under the tutelage of Tracey Powers.)

What am I most excited to learn about Colorado College during my visit?  (In addition to the fact that they have an equestrian team, of course.)  I want to know everything about their Block Plan.

(This is your cue to say, “What’s a Block Plan?”)

At Colorado College, students don’t take multiple classes at a time.  Nope, instead of taking so many credit hours of science and history and English during a semester, they take one class on one subject for three and a half weeks.  Then they get a nice long weekend (four and a half days) and switch to a different subject for another three and a half weeks.  They do a total of four blocks per semester and eight blocks per year and at the end of four years, they’ve still learned the same amount as a student in a more traditional academic program.

Cool idea?  I think so.

Certainly I don’t think that every student is necessarily cut out for that type of learning structure – just like I don’t think that every student is cut out for a liberal arts college or for a year of studying abroad.  (Horses are the same – not all of them are cut out to be top level jumpers and many aren’t destined to compete in the Kentucky Derby.  Some don’t like to work in arenas and others hate to go out on the trails.)  At the end of the day, everyone – people and horses – have their strengths and weaknesses, their likes and dislikes.  And at the end of that very same day, there’s a college that can fit those characteristics for each and every student.  (In fact, sometimes it’s easier to find a college for a student than it is to find the perfect fit job for a particular horse!)

So Colorado College, here I come!  I’m eager to learn about the Block Plan, hear about student life (including – and especially!) the equestrian club, and find out what type of student will excel in such a unique environment.


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